One of my wishes for the New Year is to get out and enjoy some fine dining and notable restaurants in and around Calgary.  A restaurant on this list was definitely NOtaBLE, which was opened in 2010 by chef  Michael Noble. One of the best ways to always ensure that you get a table at much loved restaurants is to arrive and have a late lunch. The place was quite vacant when we got there, a large table just ready to clear out and another two tables of couples.

We were impressed with the lovely decor, very rustic and comfortable with great lighting of course. All the elements of swank. The kitchen is open concept which for me is quite exciting as I feel like I am treated to ‘dinner and a show’. I enjoyed watching the chefs at work and the huge rotisserie oven was impressive as well.  If you are needing a place for a larger gathering, there is a semi private room with a large table perhaps seating 10-12. Above the table,  shining bare lightbulbs cleverly illuminate antique glass insulators. The perfect ambiance for a night out with friends.

First up, drinks! Hubby chose a Wild Rose Brown and I had the Grizzly Paw Grapefruit soda made in Canmore by Grizzly Paw Soda Company. I really enjoyed the soda. It was not too sweet with a very refreshing smack of grapefruit.

Since we were having a light lunch, we decided against starters and went straight for the good stuff. I think I may have had a case of nerves as I really looked at the menu and had a hard time settling on an order. The waitperson came by several times before I had to stop her and ask what the soup du jour and burger du jour were….

I ended up ordering the rotisserie chicken ‘Greek salad with goat feta. Though delicious, I was kicking myself for not going more out on a limb and enjoying something that maybe was a bit more intricate to prepare. The dressing was balanced nicely, the feta divine and there were the cutest little olives. Funny thing about olives, I have tried ever so hard to like them but I just can’t do it. If I’m in a restaurant and my dish comes with olives they usually end up on Hubby’s plate and he, thankfully, has no hangups about olives. Okay, dressing, feta, olives..that leaves the rotisserie chicken. This is one of the main draws of the restaurant. You can rock up about 4pm and grab a ‘magic’ chicken to go, just like at any grocery store. While we had mentioned to the waitperson that we would like one to go, I was secretly glad she forgot to pack one up for us. I really didn’t think it was outstanding in any way but maybe that’s me.

Hubby ended up ordering Grilled cheese with  rotisserie chicken, artisan bacon, arugula, pickled red onions, gouda & spicy sriracha mayo. He also decided to try the soup du jour which was tomato and fennel. I think he was pleasantly surprised as my previous experimentation with fennel was , shall we say, less than satisfactory! I think the big standout for him with this dish was the spicy sriracha mayo. Since the family are big into sriracha, I may have to try and replicate this mayo at home.

Is dessert at lunchtime a sin? I don’t know about you but I always ask to have a peep at the dessert menu ‘just to see’ what is available. But, turns out I’m a sucker for crème brûlée. In this case “Apple Pie” crème brûlée, with aged cheddar shortbread. When the dessert arrived, I lifted my spoon and brought it decisively downward until I heard the satisfying crack! of the burnt sugar crust. The revealed brûlée custard had an amazing creamy texture and I couldn’t get enough. It was not ‘eggy’ at all. Honestly though, I could hardly even tell there were apples at the bottom. Were they stewed? I don’t know, they seemed to have that sort of texture but they needed a bit more ooomph! for sure. Maybe a sauté in butter and a bit of cinnamon? There was some sort of element missing for sure.

All told, our food was definitely above average and super creative. I think if we decided to go to NOtaBLE again I would try the burger du jour. Apologies on the lack of photos, I have to get over my hangups about taking pictures of my food in a public place. Next time, I promise there were be photos to whet your appetite.


4611 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, Alberta

Phone 403.288.4372
Fax 403.288.4518

TUESDAY11:30am – 10pm
WEDNESDAY11:30am – 10pm
THURSDAY11:30am – 10pm
FRIDAY11:30am – 11pm
SATURDAY11am – 11pm
SUNDAY11am – 9pm

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