Superbowl Cupcakes

It’s Superbowl Sunday and I have our beer chilling in a snow bank. For the last 8 years we’ve been invited to an annual Superbowl party thrown by one of hubby’s work colleagues. We did miss two of those years while we were in Australia, but as tradition dictates we still got the invite! It was a thrill to be remembered…

As I reminisce about Superbowls past, way back to when the halftime entertainment was still worth watching, I crank the Rolling Stones and get out the baking bowls. You see for 5/6  of those parties I have brought my (now famous) Black Bottom Cupcakes. And the one where I brought something different, threats were uttered and the only way I could get invited back again was to promise to make the cupcakes for all of Superbowl party eternity. My host has a weakness for cheesecake and these cupcakes contain cream cheese and in his opinion are even better because they can be eaten out of hand during the big game.

They are also one of my favourite recipes because the leavening method is similar to the very first cake that I ever learned to bake.  The use of vinegar and baking soda was a revelation to me at 8 years old and I made probably a hundred of these cakes.   They transformed flour, oil, sugar and cocoa into ‘wacky cake’. My dad always seemed delighted when I set one of these cakes, complete with the requisite neon coloured frosting ( especially blue or green) before him. But now that I am older and I mention ‘wacky cake’ he doesn’t hide his cringes. I think maybe I wore out the ‘wacky cake’ welcome in our house at a young age.

To start, I combine softened cream cheese, pinch of salt, an egg together then add the chocolate chips.


I then mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and make a well.  The water, oil, vanilla and vinegar go into the well and I give the batter a good stir.  The chocolate batter gets scooped into muffin cups, topped with a delicious cream cheese mixture and then baked.


The result: Black Bottom Cupcakes. The only way you can screw up is to fill the muffin with too much chocolate mixture and I pretty much do this every time. Nobody EVER seems to notice.


Recipe added.

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