Seared Matcha Sesame Tuna, Greens and Coconut Rice

I’m pretty sure my family had our fill of delicious food (ie: not good for you) this weekend. Hubby and I enjoyed bacon and eggs with fresh croissants in our cozy Lake Louise hotel room on both mornings. Add to that eating out lunches and some really delicious dinners and I shudder to think how many calories we consumed. Good thing we worked it off….skiing.  Kid number one ate all sorts of weird food at Scout camp. This is usually some sort of cup a soup, hot dogs, beans, pancake weekend long crap festival. He usually asks me to buy smoked tinned oysters as he likes to add them to his cup of soup (shudder!). There’s no telling where or why he got that bright idea.  And then there’s kid number two who insisted on staying home and ate frozen pizzas even though there were some delicious spaghetti and chicken leftovers in the fridge.

At any rate we were due for a delicious and nutritious meal to counteract the debauchery of the weekend. And it had to be fast because I didn’t have much time to create something full on. While doing a quick Costco run, I was surprised to find fresh tuna for sale.  It was pricey but I had always wanted to make a fast, fresh seared tuna type of dish. I also knew that I would the dish to contain sesame seeds.

Later at home I searched online for ‘seared tuna’ and ‘sesame seeds’…Behold! The internet found the perfect recipe match. I swear sometimes it reads my mind.  Enter Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. I’ve never really given any of Jamie’s recipes a try so I thought tonight I would rectify that.  Jamie’s tuna  had the elements that I was looking for. Sesame and Matcha Tea Seared Tuna, Coconut Rice, and Jiggy Greens. What? Must be an English thing… Luckily I had bought a mixed bag of shredded brussel sprouts, kale, and other various vegetables. I ended up sauteing them with bacon lardons left over from the weekend. There weren’t that many, honest! I finished the vegetables with some salt, pepper and sesame oil.


I found the rice really easy to make the tuna was relatively simple as well. Except I forgot to season one of the tuna steaks with salt and pepper before I covered it with the tea and sesame seeds. I had a taste of both steaks and correct seasoning really makes a difference.


I ended up setting up for photos while the second larger steak was in the pan and I thought I had left it longer than I should have. It turns out the family preferred it that way.


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