Meyer Lemon Mascapone Baked Cheesecake with Saskatoon Sauce

It’s April 21 and 0° C outside. At least the snow we got last night didn’t stay very long but the grey days are seeming to drag on and on…enter Meyer Lemons. More specifically, a light tasting Meyer Lemon Mascapone Baked Cheesecake. Maybe a bit of this sunny lemon treat will drag the winter blues away and restore Spring to the city of Calgary once more; or maybe not. But I’m sure it will be tasty enough to make the family forget about snowy soccer practices and red-legged rugby games for at least a  few moments.

I found several suitable recipes to use for the cheesecake, but I was inherently lazy this Sunday morning.  I really wanted to use up what I had in the refrigerator and not have to make a special trip to the store for cream cheese or extra eggs.  I viewed several recipes online before I found this one from the UK Allrecipes site. It was a fairly basic, yet light and delicious sounding cheesecake. I followed the recipe, but discovered I had no cornstarch and so I used rice starch instead.


Their cake is pictured on the site dotted with raspberries but since I had none (fresh or frozen) I looked to my freezer. There I found several bags of frozen Saskatoon berries left over from last summer when I took the kids berry picking. What a great summer memory. We worked hard for those berries and what better way to remind us of those summer moments that seemed so long ago. When I was a kid I picked pails upon pails of  berries which my grandma later turned into tasty sauces, tarts, pies and crumbles. It was these little tasty reminders of summer that got us through the long winter months of sauerkraut and root vegetables.


After hubby completed his Sunday ‘honey do’ list he started visiting the kitchen to see if there were any snacks available. I mentioned that we could have the cake later for dessert or now as a mid afternoon tea. His answer was ‘how about now?’ I have to say he is gaining more patience for my blogging infatuation by the day. He watched as I set everything up, and even made sure I wouldn’t forget the Saskatoon Berry sauce. When all was ready I started shooting and the camera sounds drew both kids into the kitchen. Apparently the sounds are like a dinner bell to them now. Our cozy Tea for Two ended up being a family shared snack.

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