Sunny Mango Fruit Crisp

Back in my university days it was a bit of a shocker moving out of my childhood home and having a kitchen all to myself. Up until then I was cooking at home but just the basic meals that I grew up with and they really required little thought at all. The main thing was deciding early enough in the day so that a protein could be pulled from the huge freezer downstairs and to have it thaw in time for dinner. I usually went with whatever my mom suggested because dad was not a very adventurous eater. I say ‘was’ because he is exactly the opposite now. He really enjoys spicy food now, especially Indian and Thai. He enjoys them enough to be okay with the accompanying rice (finally!)  The last time I phoned home mom asked what kind of hot sauce she should buy for dad because apparently tabasco isn’t spicy enough for him anymore.  I promised to buy dad some sriracha sauce for when they come and visit next time.

When I left home, I was given the ‘Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book’. It’s a fairly large all encompassing book, handy for learning basic techniques and recipes with some great classics thrown in.  From it, I learned how to make Chicken Marsala, Pastitsio, Scalloped Potatoes, Shepherd’s Pie, Biscuits, and Pineapple Upside Down cake. There’s still a lot to learn from this book but recipes that I regularly use from it are Biscuits and the Fruit Crisp.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like a fruit crisp. It’s the simplest way to use a huge quantity of fruit and it’s very tasty. Kid number two liked it so much last year, she asked me to teach her how to make it and so it was the very first dessert she learned how to make. I am, however, expressly forbidden to make it if we are out of vanilla ice cream. You can use many kinds of fruit in this crisp recipe and you can also use many kinds of fruit in one crisp. One of my favourite crisps is a mixed berry crisp.  I ended up buying a whole case of mangoes at the Kingsland Farmer’s Market on Friday and since it’s Monday now I thought I should try and use quite a few of them up. Since they seem to be quite tart, I added a bit more sugar to the fruit before adding the topping.



It looks delicious, juicy sour/sweet fruit with crispy oats. How can you go wrong? One more thing though, I guess I’d better go buy some ice cream!

Here’s the recipe

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