The Versatile Blog Award

versblogWow! I’m super excited and very honoured to be nominated for my very first blog award.   I recently found a delicious looking post on grilled squid salad posted by krumkaker. She’s a Scandinavian who is currently living in Rome and making the most of it in her beautiful posts. I liked her post, she liked mine and the rest, as they say, is history. You should hustle on over there and check out her blog, Think of it as ‘armchair traveling’!

The Versatile Blogger award is given to those bloggers who are able to adapt and roll with changes and topics on their blogs.  This award asks winners to reveal seven things about themselves, so here are mine (sort of):

  1. I compulsively buy food magazines and almost never read them. My favourites are: Lucky Peach, bon appetit, Food and Wine, Cooks Illustrated, Gourmet, Our local free foodie publication is called City Palate, I always read that.
  2. Other than magazines, I almost never buy anything unless it is on sale.
  3. I have an undergraduate degree in Paleontology.
  4. I adore traveling. I never stepped foot outside of Canada until 2007. We had our first family vacation in Costa Rica, Then we got the travel buy really bad. We went to Egypt, UK, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Malaysian Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  5. I  have a Starbucks City mug collection from almost all of the above places. I’m missing Costa Rica, Egypt and a mug from Kona, HI.
  6. When I cook I clean as I go, except for the floor. It gets cleaned by two furry four legged creatures.
  7. Besides food, I geek out over geocaching, geocoins, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.
  8. I view 7 as an unlucky number

Another part of this award is passing the love on to others and who doesn’t love paying it forward? Here are my nominees:

Lisa from The Gourmet Wog . Every time I read her blog I’m reminded of being in Australia. She has a great personality and it shows through in her writing.

Dreaming in Italian a lovely blog about adventures in Italy. Food Included 🙂

Albatz Gallery &  Blog a very versatile blog with beautiful photos, posts on art, travel and food.

From Alfredo’s With Love This guy can whip up meals magically, almost out of no where for a crowd of people…and he likes it!

The Cooking Chook Someday I’ll make macarons just like hers!

It’s your choice to accept or not but if you do, please thank your nominator (me), post seven things about YOU and then nominate some deserving blogs for the Versatile Blog Award.


  1. Lisa the Gourmet Wog

    Paleontology!! That is so cool, I think of Ross on Friends every time I hear that word! How shallow am I?!! Thanks again for the award 🙂


  2. David Hart

    Thank you for your kind words and for the nomination. I am truly appreciative and touched!!!!! Dreaminginitalian


    1. dishnthekitchen

      you are welcome, and most deserving 🙂 I love your blog


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