A Potion To Fend Off A Chill

The winter is long. The winter is harsh. The winter is unforgiving.

Hey can you tell I am sick of winter? We’re stuck in a cold spell again and I’ve got a slight case of cabin fever. Today was my day to head out to the Calgary Farmer’s Market with a friend but she cancelled on me because she is sick. There is only one thing worse than having cabin fever and that is having cabin fever and being sick on top of that. So far my potions and elixirs have been enough to fend off illness. I’m careful what I touch in public places and wash my hands frequently, especially before eating.

So, because I am able bodied (knock on wood!) I am volunteering to ‘take one for the team’. My aim today was to come up with a ‘Cold Remedy Cocktail’, something that clears your sinuses and makes you feel alright. This cocktail needed to be hot, boozy, and gingery. I visited Willow Park Wines and Spirits for some inspiration and found The King’s Ginger. It’s a ginger liqueur that was made for Kind Edward VII. I figured it would be a good start to my hot cold remedy. Feel free to check the website for some really interesting looking cocktails. I may just try a few myself this weekend…

If the potency of this cocktail is any indication, I think I just may have the answer to everyone’s winter blahs.This post is dedicated to all my sicko friends (the ones laid flat out crook for you Aussies) who could use a ‘pick me up’. If you are on any medications I may have to warn against drinking excess alcohol, but then again we’re all adults here..so drink away!

hotcocktailThe Cold Remedy Kit: Hot Cold Remedy with King’s Ginger Liqueur, OJ, Oregano Oil, Echinacea Throat Spray, Biscuits, and a Foodie Magazine

The Hot Cold Remedy Cocktail

Steep a cup of Cream Earl Gray tea. Add a teaspoon of honey, a splash of lemon, and a huge splash of The King’s Ginger liqueur. Float a slice of lemon on top and garnish with ginger if you have the energy to do so. Sit back and feel alright.




  1. foodisthebestshitever

    Nice work my friend… making “fending off a chill” a valid reason to drink. I think you belong in Oz… drink lots and stay warm!!


  2. Bassa's Blog

    I love traditional cold remedies. Your one looks amazing.


  3. Transplanted Cook

    Wow! I’m going to have to look for some King’s Ginger Liqueur! What a way to beat a cold.


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