A Visit to Bite Groceteria

After our lovely Big Taste meal at The Dean House we decided a walk around the neighbourhood of Inglewood was in order. One of my favourite things to do is park at one end and walk to the other, then cross the street and loop back to my car. Doing a loop lets you visit all the really great shops in this fun and historic neighbourhood.

Inglewood is Calgary’s oldest area, established in 1875 across the river from Fort Calgary. Today the neighbourhood is an aesthetically pleasing  mix of heritage buildings, newly designed buildings and building that are new but were designed to look old. I love the eclectic mix of curio shops, antique shops, delicious eateries, serious restaurants, kitchen shops, nightspots, army surplus, and don’t forget Kane’s Harley Davidson shop. Need a haircut? Head on down to the  Gun shop/barber.

Bite Groceteria is one of the ‘new kids on the block’. Established in 2007 farther east along 9th Avenue it began as a very cramped mini groceria and espresso bar. I did manage to have lunch there with my sister on the small al fresco patio and it was delicous. Now that Bite has moved westward to a much larger and brand new building at 1023 – 9th Ave SE, it fills the gap for food procurement in Inglewood. I wonder where the locals shopped before?  Bite carries everyday products like corn flakes and peanut butter but they also have difficult to find specialty items like dried morels and rare white Japanese soy sauce.

We had a stroll down every aisle, soaking in the funky atmosphere and having fun pointing out the design quirks and amazing feast of the stock persons. 






Eventually we made our way to the back of the store to find a really large cafe section with mouthwatering pastries, gelato, and lunch items. The kids had a try of the gelato (supplied by Fiasco Gelato) and hubby and I were definitely ready for a cappuccino. Some of the baristas are amazing artists. I snapped these photos of someone else’s coffee because ours had the standard ‘leaf’ motif.

We ended up just purchasing a block of cheese from the ‘cheese shop’ which is really only a counter (kids were expecting a cheese shop!) and some dried spicy chorizo which kid number one fried up to add to gnocchi and asparagus that we had later for dinner. The chorizo was really spicy but delicious.

Bite Groceteria on Urbanspoon

Bite Groceteria & Cafe

1023 – 9th Ave SE
Calgary, AB

(403) 263-3966

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 9 – 7

Saturday & Sunday: 9 – 6






  1. dishnthekitchen

    It is a very interesting place to wander. And the coffee was delicious too!


  2. Bassa's Blog

    I love the photographs. Very talented baristas 🙂


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