Hi! I’m Bernice the sole writer, recipe developer, photographer, and techie of the blog Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen. I currently reside with my family and wiener dog in Calgary, Alberta.

I grew up on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan. My childhood was spent working in a huge garden, blessed with lots of growing time for me and the plants. Our family raised and butchered our grass raised beef every year while nearby neighbours raisesd chickens and pigs. Farm fresh eating was the ultimate luxury during summer and autumn months but preserving was important during the winter months. This is why you’ll find a lot of preserving recipes on my blog, like the ever popular Pickled Carrots with Garlic and Dill.

Like many home cooks I learned to cook at my grandmother’s side; baking cookies and sandwich bread for the hardworking farmers of the family. I plan on cooking more recipes from my French Canadian, Hungarian, and German roots to share with you on the blog. 

I grew up, went to university and got my BSc. Paleontology. Then I had a family and moved to Calgary. I enjoyed cooking and experimenting a bit but it wasn’t really until we moved the family across the world that I really fell in love with pretty much everything to do with food. We lived in Bateman, Western Australia (Perth) for two and a half years and during that time I really became inspired by the local food scene. It’s a glorious mash-up of the freshest available Australian products mixed with cuisines from around the world.

While living overseas, we took the opportunity to travel to other countries as well. South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Bruneii, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Once in a while (but not enough!) you will see these influences in my cooking. I always become inspired when I travel and I’m always seeking to improve my food knowledge!

It’s been seven years since I started Dish ‘n’ the kitchen. I’ve learned so much during those years and not all of it is technical. I cherish the people of I’ve met and each experience I’ve had and I look forward to so much more. If you’re interested in working on a collaboration please have a look at my ‘Work with Me‘ page to find out more about what I do. 

Enjoy! Bernice




  1. Lindsay Andreasen

    Funny thing! I was just Googling for a basic cheese bun recipe, yours was the first hit. I was reading the preamble and saw the mention of the Glamorgan Bakery and thought, “Oooh! A recipe from Calgary!” Then I read your ‘About’ and thought it was neat that you have a BSc in Palaeontology. I have a BSc in Archaeology.
    – Lindsay, also in Calgary


    1. Bernice Hill

      Ha! Those are awesome coincidences. I do, indeed live in Calgary and now I use my Paleo degree to run a food blog. LOL Hope you liked the buns Lindsay.

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