Calgary Food Bloggers Bake Sale – Results

I’m happy to say that the results are in and our little bake sale has raised about $850 for the Calgary Foundation Flood Rebuiding Fund. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that sale was outdoors and for half of the time it was pouring rain.  We all soldiered on as if nothing could dampen our spirits. I had a super time and met quite a few local food bloggers. What do you know? There are more people like me!


Here’s a shot of the table just after set up. On the far right are my Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, then nearer the front are two Dried Tomato and Rosemary Foccacia. Beside the Foccacia are my Chocolate Mocha Truffle Cookies and then Snappy Gingersnaps. I also made the two Banana Bread in the back on the left. It was a busy baking day!  I mostly went with ‘tried and true’ recipes but also decided to test out a couple of new recipes…the Red Velvet Cupcakes and the Focaccia were first try attempts. Thank goodness they turned out.


Another crazy shot of the table. The headless lady is Vincci from Ceci n’est pas une food blog. She did all the major organizing and dropped off the remaining items at the Drop In Centre at the end of the evening. The other woman is Patricia from Polka Girl and her partner (so sorry I suck at names) who was a huge help setting up. Such a nice couple.  I don’t have pictures of any other of the bloggers I met because it got busy soon after this THEN the rain started pouring. Nothing kills an outdoor event like rain! We eventually moved the whole sale inside the Calgary Farmers’ Market.


Sundown Chowdown at the Calgary Farmer’s Market was the main event of the day.  The West and South parking lots were lined with some of Calgary’s finest food trucks all vying for the ‘Golden Hubcap’ awards.  Just behind our bake sale were some hedges and on the other side of the hedges was the judges table.  During a break in the chowing (and really, they must have to learn to pace themselves!! BUT I still want their jobs!) several of the judges came over to chat and check out our baking.  I was absolutely ticked pink when John Gilchrist (local and national food critic, author and perennial judge) walked up to the table and asked who Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen was. I was a bit gobsmacked and too shy to go over. I got my chance to meet him later when he purchased a package of my Snappy Gingersnaps.  I can’t help it, I want to be John when I grow up (if I ever do!).


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    Here are the results from the bake sale last week. I sent along some red paste bean buns and sea salted caramel cookies.


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