Desperate Times Call for Mina’s Vietnamese Noodle House

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When I feel a cold coming on or am already sick I almost always make a trip to Mina’s Vietnamese Noodle House.  If I am too sick to drive I get someone to make the trip for me for take away pho. It’s not that this is a ‘desperate’ move because I really love Mina’s but chicken satay soup is my last resort for feeling well. If anything is going to make me feel better it’s steaming hot bowl of satay pho. On sick days, I don’t even bother with the menu anymore. I just ask for number 14. Ah chicken satay…how I love thee! Let me count the ways…

1)hot spicy delicious broth with lots of hot chili oil to induce nasal leakage and comfort a sore throat

2)super fresh thai basil leaves, bean sprouts and lime that you add yourself. It makes me feel useful, sort of like I’m taking an active role in the production of a great soup.

3)Thinly sliced chicken. So thin it poaches in the hot broth and much preferred to pre-cooked and shredded chicken other places use.

4)Oooodles of Noodles to wind around on my chopsticks and splash my shirt.

5)Thinly sliced onions that look like noodles.

6)Floating slices of tomato that get all soft with the heat of the broth just add that special element to the soup.


Today my throat was so bad I had a surreal experience eating my pho. I had just finished a throat lozenge which made my mouth and throat numb. Since all I previously had to eat was tasteless cereal I didn’t realize that I had lost my sense of taste either. So there I was spooning the steaming hot broth into my mouth like a madwoman before I realized my lips were burning. It got me to thinking that maybe I should slow down because I was potentially burning my mouth. It was a really odd feeling eating hot pho and not being able to feel it or taste it except for the burning of my lips.

As I finished my bowl of satay chicken pho, a familiar thought crossed my mind. What Mina’s really needs is some ‘recovery’ couches in the back for us sick people all doped up on pho to have a nap on.


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