Friday Night Turkey Burger


After a busy week  it’s good to go back to basics for an easy Friday night dinner, turkey burgers.  Turkey burgers sometimes can be a little tricky, over cook and you’re eating a puck that tastes like A$$,  under cook and you’ve got a trip to the emergency room and bam! There goes the weekend…

I had originally planned to do these on the barbeque since it’s so nice tonight (+5C) but after I added breadcrumbs, egg white, garlic powder, chili powder, and green onions they still seemed quite mushy.  I decided on using our cuisinart griddler, the one that you can use for paninis, etc. or you can fold flat for a lot of eggs and bacon. I find this appliance very handy, especially in the winter months when the barbeque is under snow.  The burgers turned out quite moist and I had mine with salsa, avocado, spinach and some avocado aioli. I must admit, shamefully, that those are not hand cut chips..but those of the frozen variety. It is Friday, after all!

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