In My Kitchen – July 2013 Edition

Summer is in full swing here in Calgary though the thermometer does not always cooperate with the ideal temperatures we have in mind for the month of July.  We’re having varied weather, sometimes hot enough to hit 34°C in the afternoon but still cooling down at night to only 8°C. Gardens are still growing and Farmer’s Market produce is readily available. 

Today I shelled this large bag of fresh peas for our dinner:



And picked these cute yellow tomatoes from my garden:


And I found some gorgeous raspberries and blueberries which I promptly turned into jam:




When I couldn’t buy a Starbucks’ City Mug in Bruges I was pretty crushed. I found out the reason why on ebay. Turns out there is someone from Gent who drives to Bruges and buys all the mugs at the train station Starbucks.  In my desperation I’m afraid I’ve fed his habit:



This spider plant is one of the plants I can grow in my very ‘light challenged’ house:





I found this very cute wooden pendant at a thrift shop. I think I know who would like to find it in her stocking this Christmas….

075And yes, I always have my eyes peeled for Christmas presents at any time of the year!

Last but not least, some really delicious new gum I found at a small town candy store while on a road trip with friends. So far I’ve really enjoyed the Extra ‘Dessert Delights’ series of sugar free gum. Especially the Lemon Square and Apple Pie flavours. The new Rootbeer Float flavour is just like the real thing.



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  1. Lisa the Gourmet Wog

    your jam looks spectacular! It has been dropping to about 10 degrees at night here too, but it’s Winter, so it’s expected!


  2. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    What bizarre weather! Such a wide variation in the one season! Thankfully all your fruit and veg look seasonally sunny, and your jams look delicious. I’m glad you managed to get a Brugge mug one way or another! 🙂


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