One Week Until Christmas! *In November*

With our children not really being ‘children’ any more and with no nieces or nephews (or grandchildren!) to spoil, there is less excitement surrounding the holidays in our home. The magic seems a bit duller without small children around, though celebrating as a family has become a priority now that everyone in our extended family is busy living their lives in different provinces. We have also made a conscious choice to make our holiday season more about the giving than about receiving.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge will be kicking off their ‘season of giving’ by heading up to the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton to cook with kids and their families. Executive Chef Christopher Chafe, along with Nic Manojlovich, the Gemini Award-winning host, writer and co-creator of Savoir Faire, will be giving cooking “tips and tricks” to the families, volunteers and staff so they can continue making these quick and nutritious meals. In addition, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge will be further supporting Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton through their ‘Christmas Trees of Hope‘ auction.  Bid on one (or all three) gorgeous paintings up for auction during the ten days of Christmas In November and all proceeds go directly to support this worthwhile charity.

When I received the invitation to attend Christmas In November at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge I jumped at the chance to regain some of that Christmas magic. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in a beautiful natural mountain area with millions of Christmas trees, 160,000 Christmas lights, and a life size gingerbread house (I bet it smells amazing!). Gorgeous scenery and location aside, there are so many activities planned; from the Silliest Christmas Sweater Reception, to the icy cocktail bar, the seminars on food, drink, and holiday décor, and the Gala dinner, Christmas In November is sure to bring out the elf in all of us!

I can’t wait to learn new recipes and tips from Canadian chefs; Roger Mooking, Christine Cushing, Anna and Michael Olsen, Massimo Capra, Julie van Rosendaal, Pierre Lamielle, Elizabeth Baird, Emily Richards, Andrew Whiteside (Orso Trattoria), Dale Mackay (Ayden Kitchen & Bar), Nik Manojlovich, Connie DeSousa & John Jackson (Charcut), Edgar Gutierrez (Tres Carnales/Rostizado), and Giselle Courteau (Duchess Bake Shop). presentersAnd everyone who knows me would agree that I could use some holiday decorating tips from craft and décor experts;  Cory Christopher, Karl Lohnes, Chris Strandring, and Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s own Marna Praill and Sue Dunn. artsandcrafts

Have you chosen your signature holiday cocktail yet? Indulge in a bit of bubbly at the Charton Hobbs Sparkling wine tasting, or learn how to mix your own cocktail from Flair bartender, Mich Dew. I’m going to bring my warmest woolies just so I can have a drink or two at the Icy Cocktail Bar

The schedule of events during Christmas In November looks packed with just right amount of Christmas fun, learning, and creating. If you would like to join me and get a head start on making this your best holiday season ever there are still three Christmas In November packages to choose from:


For more information or to book your package:  Christmas In November: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge 


If you would like to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House please follow this link:


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  1. chef mimi

    What a great post and event. Today is Halloween, and I just mentioned to my husband that it’s so different without kids at home. It’s funny how I miss it, because it was also so much work!!!


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