Scarpone’s-The Italian Store

Upon arrival in spring 2011, it was a big shock to see my favourite and closest Italian market, Dino Rossa’s had closed its doors forever. Where was I supposed to get all the delicious ingredients when the mood to cook Italian struck?  As luck would have it, I solved a geocache puzzle and the final location of the geocache actually led me to Scarpone’s Italian Market in January of 2012.   I was so excited to find the place, I took one stroll down the isle and shed a couple of tears of relief and joy!

They have some beautiful house made gnocchi and frozen sauces to take home. All sorts of tomato based sauces and most importantly for me, passata! They have an extensive deli section with cheeses, cured meats and accompaniments like olives, marinated squid and grilled peppers.  I was also delighted to see that they stocked dulche de leche as the kids had been after me for a while to either find some or make it with a can of condensed milk.

For lunch, Scarpone’s had a ‘canteena’ style food service where you could get sausage on a bun, baked pasta, pizza, salads and other daily specials. I couldn’t help compare it to my favourite Italian market in South Perth, Scutti. Their market had the most amazing sandwich bar, espresso bar and in store bakery with the most amazing cannoli. At Scarpone’s the emphasis is definitely more on dry goods but I really think so much more could be added to this concept.

Scarpone’s has recently undergone some renovations and I have to get back there for a visit and see what the ‘new’ place is like. Soon!

UPDATE March 19/2013: Scarpone’s has indeed undergone renovations to make the lunch counter a bit more functional. The kitchen is larger and there is now a lot more seating for customers. Threre is a  tempting display of gelato and a new cabinet for sweets such as Vanilla Slice, Coconut Rolls, Pesche Dolci, and Cannoli. I hadn’t had lunch yet so I grabbed some gnocchi to go. I also bought some vanilla slice, coconut roll and a cappuccino to go. The cappuccino was really delicious.


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