Cococo Rosemary Fusion Milk Chocolate Bar

I usually try to stay out of Chocolatiers but on a recent visit to the Willow Park shops (where I invariably spend lots of money in several gourmet shops) I wandered into Cococo (aka Bernard Callebaut) in search of some white chocolate chips. Kid number two had noticed I bought a huge container of Macadamia nuts and had a hankering to make some white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. I’d like to say she takes after her momma but her cooking style is basically self serving. Most of what she cooks she eats.

When I spied this Rosemary Fusion bar I didn’t really think about getting one but then I noted it had won a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards so it couldn’t be all that bad. I usually prefer dark chocolate and the Rosemary Fusion bar only comes in Milk Chocolate. I put one in my basket anyway and brought it home.

On first tasting all I could detect was Rosemary and while it is pretty much my favourite herb, I wasn’t sure about pairing it with Milk Chocolate. Then the habanero sea salt sensation hit me and I was sold. This chocolate is addictive in a peculiar sort of way. I really like to make sure the sea salt side is the side making contact with my tongue. That way the taste of the Rosemary is not so prevalent.

Yeah, I’d buy it again 🙂


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