I have been wanting to visit Corso 32 for a couple of YEARS now…since chef Daniel Costa launched his Italian cooking app, Tavola. With it he provides recipes, wine pairings, and music to help Apple using Italophiles create the perfect Italian dinner at home. I don’t use Apple products so I can’t use the app but I have made the odd recipe from it which I find by scrolling through social media. The recipes are great but nothing compares to the ‘real deal’; dinner at Corso 32.

I felt really lucky to have made a very late reservation for three on a long weekend Friday during the drive to Edmonton. Little did I know then that we would have car trouble only 15 minutes later. I almost cancelled (feeling like a heel!) but hubby assured me that we would arrive on time. Through all the construction on the way into the Edmonton city centre I was sitting on pins and needles and when our reservation time arrived, we were still stuck in traffic. I suggested hubby drop me off at the restaurant and carry on to check in at the hotel a couple of blocks away. In the end I was only seated 5 minutes late and ordered an Aperol spritz right away to soothe my frazzled nerves.

As I sat there, I began to relax and unwind. The modern/cozy interior was soothing while the music replaced a bit of the energy I had lost through worry. I was feeling famished but I felt bad about the boys having to unload everything and settle the dogs so I ordered a couple of starters so that there would be food on the table when they arrived. Oh, and a bottle of wine…I knew hubby would appreciate it!

First to arrive on the table was this outstanding house made goat cheese ricotta with rosemary oil. It was perfectly seasoned with Maldon and I piled it generously onto the accompanying garlic rubbed baguette slices.


House Made Goat Ricotta

I was a bit crushed when the boys arrived before I had finished the goat cheese…sharing in restaurants is so popular now, except if you are me and you don’t like to share! Just kidding, the boys were pretty impressed with their first taste of Corso 32. Just as my son had enjoyed the last of the cheese with the last of the bread (great bread to cheese ratio Corso 32!), a bowl of snowy arancini arrived. They were smoking hot but of course we dug in right away. We couldn’t believe how much of the Norcia sausage, swiss chard, and Fontina cheese filling was packed into the little fried balls of rice. Still…the boys declared my dill, smoked salmon, and caper arancini were preferred.


Though we could visit Corso 32 and just order starters (Spring pea and Fava bean crostini; Fried Short Rib, shaved  pear, & arugula salad) we would be missing out on the outstanding pasta dishes. The Stracchino Agnolotti with butter, mint, peas, and Parmigiano was pasta perfection. I’ve never had such delicate and flavourful pasta in a restaurant setting before and I love how each dish comes off the pass covered in a snowy blanket of finely grated cheese.

corso32agnolottiStracchino Agnolotti

Look at my happy boys in the spoon! They are patiently waiting for me to take a photo of this Cavatelli with Pork & fennel sausage sugo. It was so good that I forgot that it also contained broccoli rabe. More cheese on top, of course.

corso32pastaCavatelli with Pork & Fennel Sausage Sugo

Always the ever vigilant mother, I made sure to order a vegetable dish. These roasted carrots were sublime, their caramelized flavour punctuated with bursts of vin cotto and tamed with shaved Parmigiano.

corso32carrotsRoasted Carrots; vin cotto, Parmigiano

After we saw the dessert menu, there was no way were leaving without tasting all three options available. Fortunately there was something sweet for everyone. Hubby ended his dinner with an Affogato; espresso elevated with house made fior de latte gelato and a sip of honey grappa.  Our son chose this outstanding Chocolate Torta with Salted Hazelnuts. Oh my. He gave me a bite and I almost regretted ordering the Vanilla Panna Cotta. Okay…I did have regrets but I don’t think I could have handled a whole slice of the torta on my own.

corso32chocolateChocolate Torta with Salted Hazelnuts

Vanilla Panna Cotta; Oat Florentines, Blackberries, with Honey Grappa

The quality of food, service, and atmosphere at Corso 32 were outstanding. Though I haven’t had much opportunity to dine out in Edmonton, I would certainly recommend Corso 32 to anyone inquiring about where to dine in Alberta’s capital.

Corso 32

10345 Jasper Ave; Edmonton, AB.

780 421 4622

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    I’m lusting after that chocolate torte! Oh and everything else 😏😍


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