Apple Cinnamon Cake

After watching the destruction of the Calgary floods for a great portion of the morning I just had to clear my head  and digest what was going on in the city around me.  I needed to chill for a bit and get my mind off of all the destruction. What better way to deal with destruction than to create? Baking a cake is a daunting task  for some but for me it is absolute therapy.  I enjoyed making cake more than any other cake I have ever made. I was just in the right ‘mood’ for baking and this recipe features one of my most favourite flavour combinations, apples and cinnamon.

It was also great to be able to share this cake with neighbours. When spirits are low a little slice of cake and friendship goes a long way.


I had some excess sliced apples, so I cooked them a bit with some brown sugar and cinnamon. A little on the side accompanied by some whipped cream was heaven.


Apple Cinnamon Cake recipe.

Thank you very much for the recipe…Chicho’s Kitchen

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