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I have been wanting to visit Double Zero Pizza since long before it opened in Chinook. I don’t really spend much time downtown so I’d never been to that location but I was ecstatic when I saw that another was being opened in Chinook Centre. Every time I would drive by I would check the construction progress and when it was very close to being done I was amazed to see that it was a large double story attachment on the North side of the mall.

I finally got my chance to visit with hubby and Heather (of Heather’s Eats) on the night of the Chef (the movie) premiere. Since I met hubby there after work, we just had enough time to enjoy a small bite before we had to take our seats in the theater. Heather recommended the Arancini with sundried tomato aioli, Reggiano cheese, and arugula. arancini

We love arancini so this was a perfect pre-movie bite. Unfortunately, it didn’t stave off hunger for the full 115 minutes of constant food porn. We were definitely ready for pizzas when the movie finished. Of course I wanted to get two pizzas; I knew there was no way we would finish both but left over pizza never lasts too long in our house with three teenagers! Hubby was really happy to order a Chorizo, Roasted Pepper, Goat Cheese, and Niçoise Olive Pizza. We really liked the generosity of toppings on the pizza. The crust was both crispy and chewy with great flavour. I know, because hubby generously let me try a piece!

chorizopizzaI was going to order the Confit Chicken pizza but then switched at the very last moment to the Mushroom pizza and I was glad I did. It was amazing! So much mushroom flavour brought out by the caramelized onions and taleggio cheese.  Strangely enough it was the first one to disappear from the refrigerator at home.

mushpizzaI was really impressed with the speedy service and how fast we got our pizzas which was great considering how hungry we were! The bases were both well cooked (but not over) and delicious.

While we were eating I vowed to make it my mission to try every pizza on the menu. So far I’ve managed to get back only once with my daughter on a ‘girls day’. She was okay with ordering either the Potato and Spinach Pizza or the ‘Polynesian Princess’. I know she’s a big Hawaiian pizza fan so I was okay with ordering the Polynesian Princess. It was a neat looking pizza with thin shaved pineapple slices instead of chunks just to change it up a little. I did notice they had a new pizza chef working the ovens and our pizza base was slightly underdone. It wasn’t as nice and crispy as the first time we were there and it was slightly doughy. These pizzas bake really fast so I would venture to guess that judging when the pizzas are done is a learned skill.hampizzaI will definitely be back to try the other eight pizzas on the menu and maybe some of the entrées as well. Double Zero Pizza has several craft beers on tap, including several from our local Wild Rose beer and Village Brewery.

For those of you wondering about the Chef movie, it was really funny and heart warming. It tells the story of Carl Casper, a chef who loses his job and almost loses his family. It’s the story of self discovery and how he gets his creative groove back in a food truck. It is super funny and I would recommend it to anyone; in fact I will be buying this movie and I think the last time I bought a movie was 2010. Fair warning though, this movie is guaranteed to make you hungry especially for Cubanos!
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  1. Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

    Wasn’t the movie great? It was so accurate too, they did an amazing job of depicting the life of a chef.


    1. dishnthekitchen

      yep, it was pretty realistic. I loved every bit of it and definitely went away with a new respect!

  2. foodisthebestshitever

    Hell yeah. Yer making me hungry… again!


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